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Veda Health is a PWLC NE Philadelphia Partner
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Veda Health Services

Veda Health

Here at Veda Health we provide professional health care and beauty services. We offer three advanced treatments: LPG/Endermology, Body Wrapping, and Colon Hydrotherapy. If you want to look and feel great call and schedule your appointment today!

Our Services

LPG Endermologie

Purpose: Reduces cellulite, firms underlying tissue, increases production of skin toning, shrinks cellulite fat cells, drains excess water and toxins, and exfoliates skin for a healthy glow!

Procedure: Takes about 35 minutes, performed using the highly developed LPG machine. No high blood pressure and no varicose veins

Requirements: None

Body wraps

Purpose: Promote weight loss, detoxification, treatment of aches/pains, reduction of stress, and improvement in skin/beauty!

Procedure: Takes about an hour and a half, performed using bandage wraps and an herbal liquid weight loss formula as well as a sauna blanket. No high blood pressure and no varicose veins

Requirements: Stay hydrated! Cannot be performed if you have varicose veins or high blood pressure.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Purpose: Removes toxic material, improved digestion, nutritional absorption, weight loss, and pain relief!

Procedure: Takes about 45 minutes, performed with a close-system machine. No high blood pressure and no varicose veins

Requirements:2 days prior you may not eat pasta, rice, bread, seafood, onions, or saltines. Do not eat anything 2 hours prior. One cannot receive the colon hydrotherapy treatment if they have received heart surgery or have a pacemaker.

Resources: Colon Hydrotherapy for Dummies (Colon Cleansing & Colonics) Video

Lipo Laser

This treatment is the application of a 635nm low intensity laser, wich has been shown through extensive research to cause the fat within the adipocyte (fat cell) to leave the cell and accumulate in the interstitial space around the cells.

For more information, videos and illustrations, please view Lipo Laser Page

Spray Tanning


Achieve an even, sun-kissed glow in just one easy application!

For more information, videos and illustrations, please view Bronze BioLogic Website

Therapeutic Massage

Process: During the therapeutic relaxation massage, therapists apply
light-to-medium pressure to the body, ironing out knots and slowly relieving tension with kneading movements and gentle strokes.

Chiropractic Care & Scoliosis Management

Chiropractic care involves an examination of the spinal column. This is done in different ways depending upon the examination techniques of your chiropractor. He or she may use X-rays, muscle testing, body balancing, palpation of the spine for muscle, bone or movement irregularities, instruments that detect heat or energy or other means to determine your spine’s health.

Ultrasonic-Cavitation (fat melting) Body-Contouring Treatments

Noninvasive ultrasonic-cavitation treatments are designed to contour the body and reduce fat. During 30- to 45-minute treatments, technicians direct low-frequency ultrasound waves at specific areas. The energy works to liquefy fat cells for natural disposal by the body. Multiple sessions may be needed for best results.

Resources: Fox News talks Ultrasound Cavitation with the New Weight Loss Video

Ultrasound Fat Reduction

Ultrasound- Cavitation Body Shaping is a aesthetic treatment. Using leading edge ultrasonic- cavitation technology it converts fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own filtration system.

For more information, please view Ultrasound Fat Reduction Questions & Answers

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